Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Waras: Ask Bandung Regency And Provincial Govt Overcome Serious Flooding Bale Endah

Bandung Parliaments

To overcome the flooding problems that always occur every rainy season in the district that is now covered  Baleendah, Dayeuhkolot and Soreang district Baleendah, Dayeuhkolot and Soreang, Chairman of the PDI-P faction West Java parliament asking Bandung regency and West Java Provincial govt  to immediately make concrete steps to overcome, especially the floods have claimed lives.

Member of Commission IV DPRD is said Jabar this. "It should have been overcome by the flood of concrete steps by Regency Bandung and West Java Province., One way to make Polder Water or man-made lake that serves to accommodate the water when the annual rains." Said Waras

Folder water is made such that besides water reservoirs can also be used as fishing grounds, children's playgrounds or parks and outdoor recreation lake. Because it takes the seriousness of the district government. Bandung and in the province anticipate and address the annual floods caused by the overflow of Citarum Suang. So that in the future we no longer hear of floods in Baleendah, Dayeuhkolat and Soreang.

Expresses, Although normalization Citarum, under the authority of the Director General of the Ministry of Water Resources PU-PR, even scrapin it  but no matter how deep it Citarum scraped,it  still gonna flooded, he said.
 This is one solution that has been done by the city of Bekasi in coping with the flood. The same is also true to do in Bandung regency. If the budget APBD Kab Bandung not had enough funds, can be submitted to the West Java Parliement  ready to approve a budget to acquire land citizens to be flooded, in Baleendah, Dayeuhkolot and Soreang, if still less we will ask for to the state budget. "Said Waras .
"The case of displacement of citizens each year to hundreds or even thousands of Bandung regency due to flooding in case of heavy rain and large. It’s not funny! "He said. @

Saturday, 12 March 2016

West Java Parliament Authorize Integrated Waste Management Regulation

Bandung, Parliaments
Plenary Session of the Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) of West Java Province approved the establishment of draft local regulations (
RaPERDA) amendments to regulation No. 12 of 2010 on waste management  West Java  regional regulation (Perda).
Plenary session chaired
by Ineu Purwadewi Sundari Chairman of the Parliament and attended by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan and his staff as well as  invitation takes place in the courtroom of  west Java Parliament at Jl. Diponegoro 27 Bandung, Friday (11/3).
Chairman of the Special Committee II West Java parliament drafting the amendments to the regulations of local regulations No. 12 of 2010 on integrated waste management, Saipudin Zukhri stated. Once of  the substance of this regulation in the future we will do involving regional waste management district / city and provincial governments. The term Points Final Waste Processing and Processing (TPPSA) integrated.
It is expected to have enactment of this draft regulation no longer be sectoral ego between the district / city and provincial in terms of waste management.
Saifuddin states will soon be the end of governments the TPA Sarimukti West Bandung regency in 2018 that required an integrated waste management place to replace it.
For now the two TPPAS Integrated successor will be built TPPSA Nambo to manage waste area of ​​Bogor, Depok, Bekasi and TPPAS Lengok Nangka for Bandung Raya.
"Waste management in the two Integrated TPPAS is expected to also be able to be revenue. Because of that garbage could be converted to alternative fuels and others, "he said.
Hoped to have been assigned this regulation, the government must be to disseminate and implement a real community to soon be able to know and understand the regulations that have been passed.
Responding on the enactment of this regulation the Governor stated. we have become the first in Indonesia. Insha Allah, Nambo and Legoknangka, became the first in the history of Indonesia there is an integrated waste management, "said Heryawan. @ H

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Council Ask West Java Govt to Anticipated Impact Of Increase In Fuel Price

Bandung PV
Chairman of Commission III of  West Java Parliament ask the provincial government to anticipate the impact of central government policies that raise the price of fuel oil (BBM) in various sectors.
He said the step anticipation that local government needs to be done is to reduce the price of basic necessities, by holding a cheap market operations. In addition, the government should pay attention to other sectors such as transportation problems.
Anticipation of the fuel price hike was actually just coordinate with the central government. Not only that, the central government should have already had to prepare the impact of such a rise.
"There is denial that the rise in fuel prices due to an impact. It must be addressed by the government, "he says @ PV

Not Attend Plenary Meeting, the Council condemns the Regional Secretrariat of west Java Office

Members of the House of Representatives of West Java Province condemned the absence of most of the leaders of work units (SKPD) and the leadership of the regional organization Secretariat of West Java province in Parliament plenary meeting that took place in the courtroom of West Java  Parliament Jl. Diponegoro 27 Bandung.Wednesday (19/11)

Parliament plenary meeting with the agenda, factions responses on the draft budget of 2015 and three draft regulations that proposed. The plenarry only  attended by Vice Governor of West Java and 2 or 3 Their Official Head Head and most of the Head of regional organizations in west Java  Secretariat environment is not visible.
Chairman of the People's Conscience Restoration Factions drs. M. Iqbal MI stated, "Useless we deliver it (response) if it is not heard, when it's in their interest" .he said
In particular faction of the People Conscience Restoration questioned granting building permits buildings / hotels around the building height easily satay.
"Where is the authority specifically of Satay House if the surrounding easily constructed buildings / hotels are high? “
While Chairman of the  3rd Commission said that the regional organization Secretariat of West Java province has been harassing the members of the council, because it prefers personal interests rather than development in West Java
He said that the regional organization Secretariat of West Java province does not professionals preferring to attend the graduation Ahmad Heryawan in IPB to get   Master degree, compared to present in plenary for the budget 2015 @ PV