Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Legislator Ask the West Java Provincial Government Serious Face the ASEAN Economic Community

West Java provincial government asked for more serious in preparing for the entry into force of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) which will take effect in 2015.
So far the Council of view, the government has not made a serious effort to strengthen the products from West Java in order to win the competition. Yet to date West  Java agricultural products have not been able to compete with similar products from other countries.
As stated by the Chairman of Commission B  of west Java Parliament Selly A Gantina in Bandung. Tuesday (12/8)
He said. "west Java  was only a surplus of national consumption., But if other agricultural products, can be seen in the supermarket, it was not local, but from the outside. Fruits to vegetables, from Thailand or China. So we asked West Java province in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture. They already passed legislation on the circulation of food products, "
Chairman of the Commission for the economy's rate, currently West Java provincial government is still not serious in addressing the ASEAN Economic community, because the provincial government has not had a grand design to anticipate the policies that apply across the Southeast Asian region.
Therefore  the council  encourages the Government of West Java West Java Province to make efforts in order to prepare for the entry into force of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2015.
Enforcement of AEC allow traffic areas of goods, labor, services, and investment in the Southeast Asian region. Economic integration is considered to be a great opportunity, with a record to win the competition in the easy-paced era. Thus, Indonesia West Java in particular, should have some preparation to not only be a market for the invasion of another country's economic strength.
Unpreparedness algebra can be seen from the lack of effort in protecting the product and labor from West Java, for the industry, West Java provincial government has not made the labor certification from West Java. each year while they demo demanding higher minimum wage. If this continues, while the government did not anticipate, so investors can employ workers from Vietnam, Philippines, or Thailand, because his salary is cheaper and has been certified, "said his
With a population that very much, especially West Java,  Indonesia a potential market for other countries. In fact, a number of ASEAN countries has prepared its workforce who speaks Indonesian.
 "From a lawyer, dentist, until another state auditor who prepared the work in Indonesia. They've been able to Indonesian. This may seem trivial, but it must be considered," he said.
In general, West Java provincial government must also have local laws that can protect its own economy Jabar truly protect the economy of West Java. Later, every business or economic activity that go to West Java, have to follow the rules, ranging from product, labor, services, and offender's own efforts.
"The governor does not have to be afraid. Together bureau or economic assistant, make regulations or regulation. Easy Do not let them strive in us, and the provincial government must make a certificate for products from West Java.

All is not difficult and can be done, provided that the government has a seriousness and a strong will. The government only determines which sectors are to be anticipated as the entry into force of this MEA, to then become a priority in order to gain. The plan must be owned by the sector departments, because the leading sectornya there. I encourage this because it is not difficult, stay in coordination with the (government) district / city. Obviously Selly @ hermanhermit

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