Sunday, 10 August 2014

New Members of West Java Parliament Inaugurated September 1st at Gedung Merdeka

Parliament  Voices.
Members legislative candidate elected to the House of Representatives of West Java Province 2014-2019 period is set to be sworn in on September 1, 2014, to coincide with the expiration of the term of office 2009-2014 Jabar legislators on August 31, 2014, but due August 31 to coincide with Sunday the inauguration will be  held on Monday, September 1, 2014.
100 candidates elected Legislative General Election results 2014 will be inducted as a member of Parliament by the Head of the High Court of  west Java Province,at  Merdeka Building Bandung, which will be witnessed in 1400 an invitation and attended by Home Minister.
Nana Syaefudin, S. Sos., M.Si Head of Public Relations and Protocol This part is also the Chief Executive Member of Parliament Inaugural 2014-2019 period said, "Merdeka  Building was chosen because it is a historic building,"
By choosing Merdeka Building as the location of the inauguration, said Nana, expect the spirit of struggle and sacrifice of the nation's predecessor in developing countries can be transmitted to the 100 members of West Java parliament.
In addition, it is also a tradition of provincial representatives inauguration is always done at the location of the first Asian-African Conference in 1955.
Facing this inauguration activities west Java Parliament Secretariat has prepared about 1,400 invitations were addressed to all the elements of deliberation regional leaders, both the provincial and district / city. As for the central government, it will invite the Minister of the Interior on 1 September the inauguration.
  "The Governor and Vice Governor will also be present. If the district / city, we invite Regents and Mayors," said Nana saying for security it has coordinated with the police and military.
  Candidate of West java Parlement  members period 2014-2019, will be inaugurated by the High Court of West Java. "Taking the oath will be read out by the High Court of west Java , then later all members to follow and re-read the oath of office," he said.
 While for selected candidates, the current west Java  Parliament Secretariat had been distributed to the members of the board of all the properties that will be used during the inauguration later. "Like clothing, all have been given. Completely , I do not know, because it is in the public bireau," he said, saying west Java  Parliament Secretariat ready to hold the inauguration of the 100 members of parliament Jabar period 2014-2019.

In addition, Nanang reminds all candidates for the council to immediately meet the necessary requirements, one of which concerns the statement letter of good conduct from the police. Although implementation of the inauguration only days away, according to Nana still a number of candidates for the Board who do not meet the specified requirements. @ Hermantz

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