Wednesday, 13 August 2014

West Java Parliament Pessimistic North Sukabumi and West Bogor Regency Formed This Year

Legislative of West Java will eventually feel pessimistic about the formation of a new autonomous region of North Sukabumi and Bogor West this year, In fact, the necessary requirements related to it has long been met by the West Java provincial government and parliament.
This was disclosed by Members of the Commission A of West Java Parliments Drs. H. Deden Darmansyah in Parliament building  Jabar. Jalan Diponegoro Bandung. Wednesday (13/8)
This Struggle Of  Indonesian Democratic Party Fractions members pessimistic the New Region of North Sukabumi and West Bogor could be formed this year. Moreover, the transition between the old members of the House of Representatives legislative period 2009-2014 with the period 2014-2019 which will be inaugurated in October.
Until now it has not gained the certainty of the House of Representatives associated legalization bill the formation of new regions. In fact, the formation of new districts / cities that have been proposed to the Ministry of Interior since five years ago.
"The requirement was already fitted, fit the governor's letter (West Java) to Parliament (West Java). Six months ago in the plenary session ( of DPRD Jabar) we have complete lack requirements," he regrets
The birth North Sukabumi and West Bogor  Region is already so allow and supported by a number of factors, such as population and land area. Moreover, currently only has 27 Jabar district / city as the passing of the formation of the District of Pangandaran.
"Grand designs in the construction of the West Java 42 (district / city), New 27. So now we continue to expect the birth of a new DOB," said Deden saying South Garut Region formation has also been proposed.
Although there is no certainty, at this time, Parliament along West Java provincial government has allocated a budget to assist governance DOB if passed, will each obtain a grant DOB governance IDR.  3 billion per district / city. said Deden

Regarding the delay in the ratification of this, stating "I do not know exactly., But based on our experience (in DPRD Jabar), perhaps the bill quite a lot, so it is not overtaken, so they have priority. So the possibility of the House of Representatives in the coming period." He said.hermant Hermitz

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