Thursday, 23 October 2014

Paliament Led by Women, Prove The Ability of West Java Gender

Bandung. PV1
With the inauguration of Ineu Purwadewi as the first women which  heading  the  West Java Parliament, considered as proof of the ability of the female gender in politics in west java.
As stated, Hj. Sumiyati, S.Pd.I. members of West Java Parliament of  PDI Perjuangan fraction, when met at his office in Parliament West Java Building, Bandung on Wednesday (22/10)
He said. This is the first women's ability here demonstrated how the performance, hopefully we can provide the best and the synergy with the regional head with Governor,.
West Java Parliament departing members of the Electoral District of Bekasi -Depok states. "I see this West Java has a different culture, with Bekasi also very different, this will be a challenge for Mrs. Ineu as the first female Chairman of the Parliament."
I am proud of  Ineu hopefully can give a better contributions for the future of West Java.
As a new member in West Java Parliament  I have a lot to learn, a lot to see, the female members of the periode plainly now reached 25 people turned down, even though there is no obligation for a quota of 30 per cent. however the PDI-P internally itself remains unchanged.
It must be our priority for the next 5 years I'll be more forward women exist anymore, because we've proved with the chairman of the Parliaments is a women, hopefully the women in these councils can work better. ! hermantz

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