Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Waras: Ask Bandung Regency And Provincial Govt Overcome Serious Flooding Bale Endah

Bandung Parliaments

To overcome the flooding problems that always occur every rainy season in the district that is now covered  Baleendah, Dayeuhkolot and Soreang district Baleendah, Dayeuhkolot and Soreang, Chairman of the PDI-P faction West Java parliament asking Bandung regency and West Java Provincial govt  to immediately make concrete steps to overcome, especially the floods have claimed lives.

Member of Commission IV DPRD is said Jabar this. "It should have been overcome by the flood of concrete steps by Regency Bandung and West Java Province., One way to make Polder Water or man-made lake that serves to accommodate the water when the annual rains." Said Waras

Folder water is made such that besides water reservoirs can also be used as fishing grounds, children's playgrounds or parks and outdoor recreation lake. Because it takes the seriousness of the district government. Bandung and in the province anticipate and address the annual floods caused by the overflow of Citarum Suang. So that in the future we no longer hear of floods in Baleendah, Dayeuhkolat and Soreang.

Expresses, Although normalization Citarum, under the authority of the Director General of the Ministry of Water Resources PU-PR, even scrapin it  but no matter how deep it Citarum scraped,it  still gonna flooded, he said.
 This is one solution that has been done by the city of Bekasi in coping with the flood. The same is also true to do in Bandung regency. If the budget APBD Kab Bandung not had enough funds, can be submitted to the West Java Parliement  ready to approve a budget to acquire land citizens to be flooded, in Baleendah, Dayeuhkolot and Soreang, if still less we will ask for to the state budget. "Said Waras .
"The case of displacement of citizens each year to hundreds or even thousands of Bandung regency due to flooding in case of heavy rain and large. It’s not funny! "He said. @

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